About us

"Vinhos Madeira" -  Madeira Wines

Wines Madeira is a company founded with the aim of exporting Madeira Wines and Spirits as well as some exclusively selected Gourmet products of origin in the Madeira Archipelago.

The brands and partnerships we work with have a strong human and institutional relationship, raising the quality of products and services, many of them internationally.

Our company has partnerships and know how to meet the most demanding customers in the world.

Madeira Wine, produced on the valleys

and wineries of the Island of Madeira,

under exceptional endoplasmic conditions

which natural and human factors .

Madeira Island

Madeira  Island was discovered in 1419, when  cleared lands and occupied soils with a culture of vine and sugar cane. Historical records show past 25 years after the beginning of colonization, Madeira Wine exports were a reality.

Prestige of this Wine, is attested by numerous episodes, among them, the celebration of the independence of the United States in 1776 or well-known case Henry IV, from the book William Shakespeare, in which Falstaff was accused of exchanging his soul for a chicken leg and a chalice of …..Madeira Wine.

When  you drinking Madeira Wine is there any need to check the century to find out exactly what is in your glass. As in, “So this is an ’11? Would that be 2011? Or 1911? Or is it just possible that it’s an 1811?” The best madeira is virtually immortal, a wine entirely without compare.